Lhasa Prawn
970.00 rub

Battered fried tiger prawns

Tibet salad
520.00 rub

Warm lamb salad with vegatables

Salad with prawns
700.00 rub

Prawns with fresh vegetables and spices

Soen Labuk
340.00 rub

Pickled daikon in a green onion and coriander and lemon…

Norling Salad
300.00 rub

Salad with broccoli, cauliflower, wood mushrooms seasoned with sesame sauce

Paneer salad
350.00 rub

assorted fresh vegetables, lettuce, cottage cheese, bell pepper and green…

Green salad
380.00 rub

Assorted fresh vegetables, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and sweet pepper

Salad from chef
460.00 rub

Caviar from roasted eggplant and carrots, seasoned sauce of peppers…

Sha Mo-Mo
420.00 rub

Traditional Tibet dumplings. Fried or steamed at your choice

Kong-Po She-Tsel
380.00 rub

Crispy assorted vegetables tossed with hot garlic sauce

Vegetable Samosa
280.00 rub

Crispy pastry stuffed with mash potatoes, green peas, cashew nuts…

Chiken Wings
440.00 rub

Marinaded Juicy chicken wings batter and deep fried saute in…

Dragon Rolls
490.00 rub

Fried rolls stuffed with minced lamb

Spring rolls
360.00 rub

Fried rolls with fillings of your choice: vegetable or chicken

Sha Bakley
360.00 rub

Small flat dough stuffed with marinated chicken and deep fried

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bread and naan

Butter Naan
140.00 rub

Indian bread and butter, baked in tandoor

Naan with Cheese
240.00 rub

Bread stuffed with cottage cheese, baked in tandoor

110.00 rub

Bread made from fresh flour

Tibet Bread
110.00 rub

Traditional Tibetan bread

Plain Naan
110.00 rub

Indian bread baked in tandoor

Masala Papar
240.00 rub

Bread staffed with cottage cheese, baked in tandoor

Tibet Bread
210.00 rub

The bread with garlic and chesse

110.00 rub

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