Vegetarian dishes

Aloo Gobi
360.00 rub

Potato with cauliflower in curry sauce

Special vegetables
370.00 rub

Assorted vegetables in a light almond sauce

Dal Makhani
350.00 rub

Traditional mashed lentils with cream and butter

Palak Paneer
420.00 rub

Homemade cottage chesse in cream sauce with spinach

Jalfrezi Sabji
440.00 rub

Assorted vegetables, fried, with a touch of Indian spices

Shakhi Paneer
420.00 rub

Homemade chesse with cashew paste in curry sauce

Dulun Gokpa Khatsa
370.00 rub

Eggplants cooked in spicy garlic sauce

Paneer Chilli
390.00 rub

Diced cottage chesse baked in tandoor with chilli sauce

Baigan Ka Bharta
420.00 rub

Gourment mashed eggplant baked, then dressed with oriental spices

Bean Curd with vegetables in spicy sauce

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